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The Menu Magazine

A California Food & Dining Magazine




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Published by The Brand Media


A Bit About The Menu Magazine

It is our pleasure to introduce The Menu, a complete California Food & Dining Magazine, published quarterly by The Brand Media.

As the legendary chef and author, James Beard, once said, “Food is our common ground, a universal experience.” The Menu is part of that common ground. A universal language that connects people of different cultures and introduces the tastebuds to many different experiences. This makes our publication even more special because we know it connects the community.

Whether you’re searching to find the perfect place for drinks and dinner with friends, or just need a bite during your work week, The Menu can help you decide! We can connect you with the must-eats in Los Angeles and its surrounding cities.

Packed with pages of the best restaurants, chef interviews, recipes, dining guides, and events, The Menu also has an “On the Menu” access simmering on the burner. Which will offer VIP access, announcements and discounts at participating restaurants.

What's Inside

Food, Dining, Wines & Culture

The People Behind the Flavors

Recipes, Events, Deliverable Eats, and Edible News

Coverage of restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and places to eat in Southern California. Learn about the fusions and flavors of this diverse culinary melting pot. A combustion of tastes from both the foods and the people.

Read about the twists and swirls, design and creativity, and the passions behind the chefs that bring us all of their masterpieces. Discussions with the chefs Southern California has to offer.

Can't quite step out tonight? Like we say in California, "No worries." Many of our restaurants and eateries offer delivery options. See what those are, or throw together a masterpiece of your own with one of our shared recipes. Stay tuned for local events and news not to miss!

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